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Comprehensive testing for IT infrastructure including Applications, Servers and Network components

VAPT is a two part process, first being Vulnerability Assessment and the second is Penetration testing. This two-step process is used to determine the security strength of applications and IT infrastructure. The “VA” or Vulnerability Assessment is a security structure evaluation of a network or a web application, intended to uncover all the security loopholes called vulnerabilities that may be present and are worthy of further investigation. This phase is reconnaissance, we gather information about our target and check for any vulnerability but we don’t launch any attack on the application, but that comes in the next phase. “PT” or Penetration Testing is done by simulating an actual attack using the same methods like a hacker would to gain unauthorized access. This method helps in evaluating the security of a network or a web application.

We Offers

  • Comprehensive testing for IT infrastructure including Applications, Servers and Network components
  • Discover vulnerabilities in IT infrastructure at OS, Applications and Network Level
  • Assist in meeting compliance requirements of PCI-DSS, SOX, ISO 27001 & HIPAA standards

Vulnerability Assessment

Vulnerability is any mistakes or weakness in the system security procedures, design, implementation or any internal control that may result in the violation of the system's security policy. In other words, the possibility for intruders (hackers) to get unauthorized access.

  • It is important for the security of the organization.
  • The process of locating and reporting the vulnerabilities, which provide a way to detect and resolve security problems by ranking the vulnerabilities before someone or something can exploit them.
  • In this process Operating systems, Application Software and Network are scanned in order to identify the occurrence of vulnerabilities, which include inappropriate software design, insecure authentication, etc.
  • Protection of sensitive data and intellectual property.
  • Protection of networks to which multiple information resource are connected.
  • Responsibility and accountability for the device and information contained in it.

Penetration Tests

Penetration tests attempt to utilize the vulnerabilities in a system to determine if any unauthorized access or other malicious activity is possible and identify the threats.





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